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Top 10 reasons to STOP booking your travel online!

As humans we crave instant gratification. It's very easy to visit a travel website and book the “Trip of the Day” offered at a deep discount and then brag on social media about the great deal you got on the internet. I get it! I am human and I ALWAYS love a great deal! However, as a travel advisor, I have had clients come to me more times than I can count about the awful experience they had due to misrepresentation of the resort, hidden fees charged that they were not expecting, and poor customer service when other issues did arise that ultimately went unresolved.

Travel advisors have been around for a long time and have proven to be a tried and true method of booking travel plans. Working with travel advisors may be considered “old school” but as a travel advisor AND an avid traveler myself, using an agency to book that upcoming family vacation, much needed “girls trip”, or group adventure is the best decision you can make.

Here are the top 10 reasons to STOP booking your travel online and to start using a travel advisor:

1. FREE. Did you know that using the services of a travel advisor is virtually free*? We earn our commissions from third parties such as the tour companies, hotels, restaurants, and other types of sellers we work with. (*My company, Unique Destinations Travel, charges a sensible fee for destination weddings)

2. VIP ACCOMMODATIONS. Every aspect of your trip is personalized to your exact needs and desires. You get private transfers, upgraded suites with a view, seats by the window on a plane in business class, champagne delivered to your room and sunset catamaran boat trips with your loved one.

3. EXCLUSIVE DEALS. As your travel advisor, I have access to all sorts of inside information on upcoming deals that are not accessible to the average consumer. Even if you search online, you may not be able to put together great vacation packages and offer specials that only my company may have access to. Travel Advisors possess the ability to make your dream trip a reality.

4. BUDGET FRIENDLY. The best advantage of working with a Travel Advisor is our ability to plan the best vacation on a budget. You can get the best value for your money working with me! Knowing your budget, will allow me to navigate and customize your plans to fit into that budget with as many extras as possible.

5. FULFILL SPECIAL NEEDS & REQUESTS. Just in case you have special needs or requests, looking online is not good for you. Hotel venues and attractions cannot guarantee that you will get what you need. On the other hand, a travel advisor can be your advocate and ensure that all your special requests are met at your destination.

6. NO SURPRISES. I like surprises. Don’t you? Maybe not the surprise of when you check into your hotel, and come face to face with a dirty room, dirty sheets, not enough sunlight coming from the window, no balcony, etc. Just to be told “this is the room available for our online travel clients.” BUT, if you book through a travel professional we work directly with the sites and venues to eliminate those surprises.

7. SAVE TIME. Your time is valuable, so why waste a day or week or months looking for the best deal online? As your travel advisor, I would do the research with my preferred vendors and can send you a few of the options right to your inbox.

8. TRUSTWORTHY REVIEWS. Don’t rely on website reviews, because most of these can be fake. Instead, if you use a travel advisor, he/she will show you only trustworthy testimonials and reviews about a country, a resort, a special more remote spot where you would like to travel.

9. REAL KNOWLEDGE. Travel advisors talk from real experiences and real knowledge. We will tell you honestly if a certain spot is not worth your money or will fulfill your interests. Many travel experts may have 20 or 30 years of experience in the field or collaborate with other longtime travel advisors so that we can increase our knowledge to serve our clients better.

10. CUSTOMER SERVICE. Travel agents will provide a higher standard of customer service than a computer. The website is unable to provide the friendly smile or the reassurance that comes from personally speaking with an agent. Agents will go the extra mile to suit the needs of their clients.

Bottom line... a travel advisor can provide a service that is better, faster and more affordable than you can do for yourself. If you still have questions about working with a travel agency OR if you have a trip coming up and you want to check out my services, let’s connect! I promise you will be glad you did. CONTACT THE TRAVEL ADVISOR HERE

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