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Ready to visit Barcelona, Spain?

Barcelona is beautiful, full of history, culture, AND is considered one of the most trendy places to visit in the world. It is full of eclectic style as well as traditional and modern vibes.

One really cool way (and very popular way) to see some sights is to take bikes!

You can rent them and choose between cycling or electric. There are paths that will take you along the coastline as well up hills and through town, both with incredible views!

Stay in shape while enjoying your surroundings and experiencing all Barcelona has to offer!

One of the top must-see sights and the most popular is the La Sagrada Familia Church.
A Giant Basilica was designed by the master architect Antonio Gaudí. This building has been under construction since 1882 and they've still got another 30 to 80 years to go before it will be finished. Just imagine the dedication, devotion, and commitment involved in creating a building for that length of time.

Park Güell is certainly one of the most famous sights in Barcelona. With the split ceramics decorated winding bank above the Roman temples-inspired market hall is world famous. Gaudí has created something fabulous with this park.

Parc Güell is a privatized park system composed of gardens and architectural elements located on Carmel Hill, in Barcelona.

Take a Tapas and Wine Private Tour!!!
A great way to discover Barcelona is to try local wine and tapas tours. At each cafe, sample handpicked Catalonian wine and complimentary tapas. During your tour, you will understand why the Spaniards and Catalans pay so much attention to food and drink and learn all the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine. Visit some of the most interesting corners of Barcelona Old Town. Go off the beaten path and explore the places only locals know about. ● you will visit the best places to taste wine and tapas
● explore tapas bars where locals like to spend time ● Try glasses of wine and traditional tapas
● Learn about the history of Spanish cuisine ● Private guide will tell you fun stories about local life in Barcelona

You can also choose to explore the food of Barcelona for yourself. You will find no shortage of Markets, Street Food and Food Trucks, Little Sidewalk Cafes, and Restaurants.
From Paella to Tacos, Vegetarian options, Churros, and other amazing pastries, desserts, and will not go hungry nor will the foodie in you be disappointed.

If you are a seafood lover, most will highly recommend the Paella dish.. it is one of the most served traditional seafood dishes.

If you have Spain on your bucket list, you must include Barcelona on your list of cities to see!
Oh... and do not forget to add the "Magic Fountains of Montjuic" to your tour list!

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