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Let's Go to Ireland!!

It’s said that there’s a story under every stone in Ireland, and with castles, abbeys, and prehistoric monuments at every turn, there are legends, histories, and mythologies scattered across its lush terrain. The Irish countryside is a living, breathing landscape testifying to more than 5,000 years of history with more castles and ruins than can be counted. You can’t go wrong just pulling over at any crumbling ruin, medieval castle, graveyard, or interesting-looking stone formation you see as you explore. Let's not forget the Pubs and food, and if your ancestry brings you here....what a treat that is in store for you!


Perched high on a solitary lump of gray limestone, the Rock of Cashel was originally a ceremonial center and home to the kings of Munster, known as the Eóganacht, and it remains a potent symbol and one of the Southeast’s top attractions. A cluster of magnificent turreted buildings, this mighty outcrop highlights include Cormac’s Chapel, an atmospheric Romanesque church completed in 1134 with distinctive features like blind arcading and rounded doorways, and the Hall of the Vicars Choral, a 15th-century Round Tower that housed the choir. The huge Gothic cathedral, the largest building in the complex, dates to around the 13th century and contains medieval sculptures, carved heads on its capitals, grave slabs, and pointed arches.

Killkenny, Ireland.
The Medieval Mile is a discovery trail running through the centre of Kilkenny, linking Kilkenny Castle to St. Canine’s Cathedral.

Between these two historic landmarks are a multitude of cobblestoned streets, historic buildings, museums, and experiences to explore. Definitely, a must-do item to place on your list!

If you choose to do the walking tour of The Medieval Mile, you will not be disappointed by the sites of the town, and the beauty of your surroundings don't forget to stop in a local pub (or two) and enjoy some good ol' Irish beer and snacks!

The Dunlance Castle has its fair share of legends, including part of the kitchen collapsing into the sea, and a resident banshee, Maeve Roe, who tried to elope with her true love but drowned in the stormy seas lurking below.

Dunluce served as the seat of the Earls of Antrim until the family’s fortunes changed
following the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.
As money dwindled, the castle was left to ruin – parts of it fell into the sea, whilst other stones were scavenged as building materials. Nevertheless, the site was passed down over the centuries, until it came into the part ownership of Winston Churchill through his marriage to Clementine Hozier. He gave his share of the castle to the Northern Irish government in 1928.

Since then, Dunluce has been maintained by the state. It shot to fame as the seat of House Greyjoy, the castle of Pyke, in Game of Thrones.

If you are a foodie (or not) the foods of Ireland will warm your heart and satisfy your tastebuds!

There are a few must-eats...

Irish Stew, Irish Beef, Veggie Soup, Fish and Chips, Scones, Irish Bread & Butter and don't forget to indulge in afternoon tea.

Just to make sure everyone knows that another way to see different parts of Ireland (and Iceland in some packages) is to take a cruise.

The choice is yours, just be sure to visit multiple places and treat yourself to the rich history and beauty that is Ireland!

We can't leave out the Irish Pubs!

There are options for great tours to some of the best pubs.

Going on a great tour to Ireland in October 2023. We will visit many pubs and more. Click below and JOIN US!!

Let me know how you would like your trip planned.

Do you want to fly and travel to multiple destinations?

Would you prefer to take a cruise?

Did you know you can combine the two?

There are many options and I am here to answer your questions and get your trip booked!
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