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Are you a Foodie? Travel + Food = Enjoyment

Food is and always has been an important part of culture. Through food, we can learn about a countries history, traditions and societal norms.

For many people, food is important in preserving cultural identity. Recipes and cooking techniques are passed down from generation to generation. Some dishes tell a story of an entire nation, whilst others may be specific to a small group. Immigrants will even bring the food of their home countries with them when they move to other parts of the world.

As outsiders, in learning about the local food we can learn about the country we are visiting at a deeper level than simply it’s iconic landmarks.

For foodies, Italy is arguably a top destination for its simple and diverse Italian cuisine featuring seasonal local ingredients. From north to south, east to west, the traditional foods of Italy, signature dishes, and wines of Italy's 20 distinct regions reflect what makes each unique — the climate, soil, natural resources, cultural traditions, and of course the region’s proximity to the sea.

“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go” – Anthony Bourdain

Madrid’s food scene has exploded in recent years, with markets, bars and eateries popping up across the city. These gastronomic capabilities haven’t appeared overnight though, its food culture stretches back hundreds of years, as Coronel explains.

Madrid is known for its food markets, historic

buildings and for its renaissance and contemporary art museums, sunny blue skies, unique neighborhoods, and bustling nightlife. Madrid is a city of joy and life. Once you visit, you'll most definitely wish to go back –

Spain is also one of the largest producers of high-quality olive oil and wine, and given all this, you’re nearly certain to have a tremendous combination of flavors and culinary delights at your disposal here!

Bangkok is, without a doubt, one of the best foodie capitals in the world. Delicious and original flavors and smells are wafting down every side street and there's a scrumptious street food stall on just about every corner.

Street food brings various offerings meals, snacks, fruits and drinks sold by vendors at food stalls or food carts on the street side. Enjoying street food is a popular for locals and visitors, as it offers a taste of Thai cooking traditions.

Experience the same food on the street as you can in a restaurant and you get to watch them prepare it right before you eat it!

The number one tip for foodie travel is to ALWAYS ask the locals. Whether it’s the taxi driver from the airport, your Airbnb host or your tour guide. I suggest adding a cooking class to your adventures so you can truly indulge yourself in the making of a favorite, local dish.

Ready to plan your food adventure ... there are countless amazing destinations to choose from. All you need to do is pick a location.

I'm ready to get you booked!


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