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Why Travel Insurance is Important?

Number one reason you need travel insurance ~ Peace of Mind!

You have planned and invested a good bit of money in the perfect vacation for you and your significant other or your family. You say that no matter what you are going on this trip. So why should you get travel insurance because you do not plan on cancelling.

BUT what if your child gets sick with a high fever a few days before your trip and then you are terribly sick the night before you leave. What would happen if your job did not allow you to go due to something happened at work that everyone is needed. What if for unseen circumstances, delays you to get to the airport or to the cruise ship.

We have all said, me included, that “nothing is going to happen to me that would keep me from going”.

But in steps the real world…

I have had clients that have had children get sick to the point they are just unable to travel. I have even had a client whose sister was diagnosed with cancer a week before her and her husband was supposed to leave on a Mediterranean cruise. She just could not bring herself to leave and truly have a good time on their trip. If they had not purchased travel insurance, they would have lost a total of about $7000. Can you afford to lose that amount of money? I know I couldn’t.

Another scenario is I had a client that did not purchase travel insurance and they missed their first flight which also made them miss their connecting flight. I was traveling at the time so in between layovers I was working to find them flights to see if I could get them to their final destination. At the time there was not an option but was able to secure them a hotel for the night and was able to get them another flight the next day (which they had to pay for). But even after getting to their destination, they were unable to get their luggage until the next day, so they had to purchase extra clothes to wear. If they had of purchased travel insurance, they would have been able to file a claim and recoup the cost of the flight, hotel and extra clothes.

These stories are not to scare you, but to show you that travel insurance is not just for cancellation. There is a lot more to it. Paying a small amount to cover your larger investment will give you peace of mind, protection from the unpredictable, and the ability to recoup monies lost due to unforeseen circumstances.

Let me tell you all that travel insurance will cover:

  1. Lost of or damage to your luggage

  2. Medical Emergency and Medical Evacuation if inadequate medical services are unavailable

  3. Cancellation due to illness

  4. If a cruise line or resort goes bankrupt and is forced to close. Your non-refundable expenses will need to be covered and to help get you to your destination

  5. Terrorist attack in the destination you were supposed to be visiting and the trip is cancelled. Weather, such as a hurricane or typhoon, causes you to leave your resort, hotel or cruise early.

  6. Even if you are called for jury duty

Have you ever had to cancel a trip? What happened?

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