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Ten Things You Must Know About the Bahamas!!

By the end of this blog … you will want to book a trip to the Bahamas!

The islands of The Bahamas are a tropical hot spot and rank among the best vacation destinations in the world. Their beauty, amazing weather, and the fact that there are so many islands (700 in total) are part of what makes this tropical archipelago special.

  • Pristine white sand beaches and turquoise waters – it is the home of the most beautiful white sandy beaches and amazing blue and turquoise waters. The calm, turquoise waters and soft, powdery sand of our beaches have earned them top honors as some of the best in the world: Treasure Cay Beach in The Abacos, Gold Rock Beach on Grand Bahama Island, Cape Santa Maria Beach on Long Island, and Harbour Island's Pink Sand Beach.

  • The swimming pigs of Exuma - You take a boat out to Big Major Cay, also known as Pig Island for this tour. Once you get close enough to the island, you’ll see some of the pigs swimming out to your boat to greet you. You can also snorkel around the island and touch a sting ray and other marine life.

  • It’s the playground of the world’s rich and famous – this island nation even offers the truly rich opportunities to purchase their private islands (I want one).

  • Learning the History of pirates - The ‘Golden Era’ or the ‘Golden Age’ is said to have been a time during the 1600s – 1700s, when pirates had a booming economy in the Caribbean, particularly in The Bahamas.

  • It has FANTASTIC scuba diving and snorkeling – the Bahamas is a top choice for travelers with diving inspirations, eager to witness underwater life at its most spectacular. The warm, crystal-clear waters of the Bahamian islands will show you more colorful marine life than you ever imagined, in plenty of places right off the beach. Glide over shipwrecks and interesting reef formations where you can kiss a tropical fish. Most resorts will have the equipment you need, but you may want to bring your own. They also have day trips available the Unique Destinations can research and present to you.

  • Did you know: It was one of the first landings of Christopher Columbus - The story goes, saying that Columbus “discovered” the new world, beginning in either San Salvador, The Bahamas, or Samana Cay in The Bahamas.

  • Enjoy a Bahama Mama cocktail - This tropical cocktail, with rum, coconut rum, grenadine, orange juice and pineapple juice as its main ingredients, is well-known all over the world and a must-try when visiting The Bahamas.

  • There is a multitude of islands you can visit - The Bahamas is comprised of 700 islands and over 2,000 rocks and cays, sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean. The archipelago is an ecological oasis, boasting the clearest water on the planet. The best islands in The Bahamas to visit include New Providence island, Paradise Island, The Exumas, The Abacos, Andros, Bimini, The Berry Islands, the Southern Bahamian Islands, Eleuthera and Harbour Island.

  • Try out the delicious conch dishes & fresh seafood - Europe, Africa, and South American inspiration permeate the food across the islands in a way that is sure to leave you wanting more. There are so many local culinary tours that you can take, such as visiting the local Chocolatier or taking a cooking class in a local studio kitchen. Unique Destinations will present you with the excursions you are interested in.

  • Enjoy Sport fishing & bonefishing - If you haven’t been sport fishing or bonefishing before, The Bahamas is a good place to start. If you’re a seasoned diver however, you’ll enjoy this experience even more. Let Unique Destinations Travel Company set you up on your very first trip out on the beautiful water and experience this sport yourself.

There is so much more than you can enjoy on the many islands of the Bahamas. Having your honeymoon or Destination Wedding in the Bahamas, you would be guaranteed to have a beautiful backdrop to promise yourselves to each other or to just relax and enjoy your first vacation asa married couple.

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