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Holidays away from home ....

How about planning Travel as the gift of the Season?

Why not change things up this year and Travel for the Holidays? With so many places to choose from you, can enjoy Christmas at the beach, in the snow, or even at the North Pole!

We have some great ideas for the Holidays, traveling with the whole family, you and your partner, parents, friends, or alone. Travel is the gift that is never forgotten.

Instead of buying gifts - we all know no matter how nice they are, usually will be discarded at some point - Travel is the gift that creates memories to last a lifetime.

A beach Christmas can be enjoyed on many different levels! An all inclusive resort where all you have to do is decide what it is you want to do. You can even choose "nothing...just enjoy the white sands and beautiful sea". You can book activities and adventures amongst the local cultures and celebrations. You can choose your destination, will it be Cancun? Dominican Republic, Jamaica? How about Australia or New Zealand? Any of these, along with others, are great summer feels that will still have an amazing holiday representation.

Maybe you want to enjoy a true "White Christmas" in an destination that many say encompass "All the Christmas Feels"!

Germany, Finland, or even North Pole, Alaska, are all amazing choices. There are also many places here in the U.S. that have a beautiful White Christmas celebration. Will it be the skiing, the little villages, the chance of experiencing the Northern Lights, the history of the holiday food choices?

You just need to choose!

We can't talk about holiday travel without recommending a cruise! From bringing Disney to life for the entire family on a Disney Christmas Cruise, or any family friendly cruise on the ship of your choice, to enjoying an adults only cruise among some of the most beautiful and romantic ships in the world.

These are just a very few examples of how your holidays can look different this year while making memories you will never forget.

Your biggest task ..... Choosing what you want your celebration to look like and where you want to go! I can handle the rest.

I'm just an email, phone call or text away and ready to help you give one of the best gifts you can give ... to others and to yourself!

Let's plan the holiday that will last a lifetime!

Ready. Set. Go.

Adrienne Tate ~ Your Travel Advisor


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