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Beauty beyond measure - Corfu, Greece

Explore and enjoy the beautiful beaches and one of kind places of Corfu, Greece!

Lush interior, pristine coastline, unique rock formations, and a romantic capital city. All this and more can be found on Corfu Island, a destination that truly delighted us during our trip to Greece. There are endless things to do in Corfu, you’ll never be bored.

Rent a Boat Independently (one of the most unique things to do in Corfu!) Did you know that on many of the islands in Greece, you can hire a boat yourself and enjoy the coastline? Even if you don’t have a boat license! If you’re looking for things to do in Corfu that are unique and fun, renting a boat is definitely it. See your surroundings at your pace.

Visit Corfu Town

Stunning architecture is found all over this island — especially in the capital of Corfu Town. With Venetian style buildings, two fortresses, narrow little lanes, and numerous restaurants, Corfu Town is a place you’ll want to spend some time exploring.

Olive Oil Tasting & Tour

Spend an afternoon indulging in sampling some olive oil and bits of food at The Governor

Olive Mill, a 5th generation, family-run establishment on the island of Corfu. It’s one of the most awarded premium olive oils out there. Not only does the olive oil taste delicious, but it has incredible health benefits as well.

Endless Beach Options

It feels like there are endless, beautiful beaches to experience in Corfu.

If your idea of relaxation exist of time on the

beach THIS is definitely a dream location.

The water is beautiful and you can choose beaches nestled in coves, long strands of beach front or close to little eateries and local establishments. It's your call!

What we have given you here is just a tiny sample of ideas that are available when you visit Corfu, Greece. There are historical museums, churches, old town tours, delicious restaurants and local eateries, nightlife, and the list goes on.

If you like to do it, Corfu most likely offers it as part of your adventure.

Let me know if you have any question so we can get an amazing adventure booked for you!

If you would rather reach out by text or call - 251-255-6596

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